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The Cure for Common

08 Jun '16

Schott NYC for 3sixteen Collab Perfecto

On Thursday, June 9th, 3sixteen's collab Perfecto with Schott NYC releases.  In the SOP camp, we've been keeping this secret for a very long time, and we're very stoked for our friends at 3sixteen on what we are 1000% positive is going to be a huge hit and sell out quickly.  

What is no secret to anyone is what huge supporters of Schott NYC we are--the brand AND the people behind the brand.  So, when the stars aligned to enable 3sixteen to do make this collaboration a reality and for SOP to stock the 519 316 Perfecto, I jumped at the chance to put in the biggest order possible!  Unbeknownst to me, it also turns out that my friend (and head-to-foot size twin), Milo Ventimiglia modeled this jacket for 3sixteen in their photo shoot last week.  

This morning, our crazy talented videographer/ woodworker neighbor & friend, Dan Shetron, dominated an impromptu shoot on the Peninsula in some very tasty marine layer, courtesy of 'June Gloom.'  I'm especially stoked on this mini shoot here in Long Beach because the collab jacket was literally designed to be lightweight enough for year-round wear, functional for riders and general everyday use, with a decidedly modern/ urban aesthetic thanks to some of the detail (and lack of detail) choices, like no stars or belt and monochromatic hardware.  

Schott NYC for 3sixteen Perfecto 

Same fit as the 519 Perfecto (i.e. fitted silhouette that's longer in the torso with slim sleeves from shoulder to cuff) but in a naked cowhide that's lighter weight & less pebbled than the classic 519.  

Epaulets without the signature one-star hardware you find on a classic Perfecto and black snaps and zippers for a modern, monochromatic (aka "murdered out") appearance.  

Raw Japanese selvedge chambray lining throughout body & satin sleeve lining, chambray interior 'gun pocket,' and busted seam down center back with self edge detail.  


Unique (removable) "snap cap" featuring co-branded artwork designed by Good Art HLYWD, custom made of .925 sterling silver.


I now own the 519 Perfecto and 603 Cafecto, but you know I had to get this one, too.  One of only 100 total made, and different enough from the others to justify all three.    

08 Jun '16

Doing Things is Hard Volume 1

We thought it'd be tight to share a little peek behind the curtain with our Santa Rosa Boots for SOP collaborations that hit the store & site a couple of weeks ago.  If anyone reading this has any interest in the process of how we go about planning a collaboration, then you'll hopefully enjoy this.  If that part doesn't interest you at all, there's a couple of sick videos to peep of the actual shoes you may be wearing right now getting made up the road in LA.  

In a nutshell, our process pretty much goes like this...

Step One: Intuition 

A whole lot of what we do just comes to me out of the blue.  Obviously, the first things to come to mind are style, color way, and sole combinations I want to wear myself.  No matter how rad something looks on paper, if I won't wear it for whatever reason, I'm not making it.  

Step Two: Research

Once I get a few leather & outsole combinations dialed in mentally, I start doing my due diligence to see if any other shop has ever had a custom make up that's too similar.  Sometimes, this immediately eliminates something I really love and want to make, but more often than not, it really just motivates me to think of how I can make it special, different, or better.  To me, the whole point in getting to do a shop exclusive is to make something no one has done before.  

Step Three: Design

This is the fun part.  Picking out leather colors & types, midsole stain colors, what color and type of laces to use, and (one of my favorite things) possibly finding a really rad & under-utilized sole to use.  All of these things get put into a mock up and submitted to our Santa Rosa guy, Nobu, for review.  Then his job of figuring out if the leather colors/ types and soles are available anywhere begins.  

Step Four: Production

Once a custom order is submitted to Nobu, it can take up to 3 months for the shoes to be completed due to many variables, like how busy the factor is or how long it will take to locate/ source the materials I want to use.  During this phase, sometimes designs actually completely change, like they did this time with the Fillmore.  We'd actually planned to use a totally different Vibram sole that we found out (during production) had been discontinued.  Nobu tried to locate sizes in the soles but wasn't able to come up with enough to make a run, so we had to go back to the drawing board.  

As it turns out, the brown Vibram looks very nice with the grey suede uppers and brown midsole, but even two weeks before the shoes were ready, we actually didn't know what they'd look like!  This is also the phase when all the special little custom things get sussed out.  This time, I wanted leather laces with the Dixons but also wanted to include an alternate set, so we went with round waxed laces instead of the normal flat waxed ones for a whole different look.

SR Factory from Snake Oil Provisions on Vimeo.

Step Five: Launch

The last phase is launching the new new.  This go 'round, we didn't tell folks what was in the works, only that there was a custom Dixon and Fillmore.  We got a lot of requests for pre-orders (site unseen), which is definitely the most mind blowing & flattering response I could ever imagine, because that's you guys putting blind faith in what I'm designing.  

I was real stoked to finally see the collabs in person the 1st time (and to take my pairs home).  I like to think that's maybe why folks have latched on so hard to the Santa Rosas--because I love them so much and gush about how insanely comfortable they are all the time.  Right now, all three styles (Brown Dixon, Rust Dixon, Charcoal Fillmore) that arrived only about two weeks ago and first debuted at our grand re-opening party are 2/3 sold out.  That's just bonkers! 


31 May '16

"I Just Wanna Chill and Make Friends": Grand Re-opening Party Pics

Steven Clouse (aka @thisnormallife in IG land) flew into town from Portland to snap some awesome pictures from our grand re-opening party a couple of weeks ago.  For all those of you here in person and/ or in spirit, we appreciate you so much and LOVED celebrating with you.  Here's a little photographic re-cap of the best party we've ever hosted, as seen through Steven's very unique perspective.  

21 Apr '16

Schott NYC Cafecto

Earlier this week, our photographer buddy, John Kingston, did a shoot for us in the alleyway in a part of downtown Long Beach where we all live called the East Village Arts District.  We wanted to commemorate the official 'landing' of the Schott NYC 603 Cafecto at SOP.  Some of you may know the story already, but, if you don't, here it is in a nutshell.  Featuring: Harley Davidson, Triumph, Red Wing Heritage, Rogue Territory, 3sixteen, SALT Optics, Seasoned USA, and The Flat Head.  

I've wanted the 603 for the shop for about a year.  The Cafecto was always a Japan exclusive, never available to any U.S. retailers.  I probably bugged my amazing rep, Joey, a million times trying to get them for the shop.  Every time I asked, she ran it up the ladder and got shot down.  But, that didn't stop me from trying.

In January, Miranda and I made our very 1st trip to NYC together for the trade shows.  I got wind that the Schott store had exactly four 603's, and I ended up breaking my #1 rule about only wearing things I sell and grabbing one for myself.  What you don't know, is my homie, Tommy (who we also used in the shoot), wears the same size as me, really wanted that last Cafecto for himself.  He was actually at the Schott NYC store with me and Mireezy the day I took it home.  And thankfully didn't make me fight him for it, because I probably wouldn't have won.  

Tommy's consolation prize was coming on the Schott NYC factory tour with us in New Jersey.  And he got the promise of 1st dibs on a 603 if and when I was ever able to talk my way into getting them for the shop.  And that's just what happened during the factory tour.  Huge thanks to Joey Orsi, Jason Schott, and the Schott NYC family for making this dream come true!