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Product Image Stevenson Overall Co. Brave Man Burgundy

Stevenson Overall Co. Brave Man Burgundy

$ 320.00

New from Stevenson Overall, this Fall/ Winter 2016.  For all you brave men out there, we're basically giddy to offer possibly the raddest shirt ever made--the Brave Man.  Inspired by an authentic vintage Navajo style shirt with updated fit and details, this is basically a wearable work of art (and history).  Made of 100% velveteen cotton that originated in Lyon, France in the 1720s and can, today, only be woven in Japan.  This fabric was discontinued for a long, long time as it requires a high level of technique by experienced craftsmen who hand-weave individual piles to create this beautiful velveteen fabric.  Ben is 5'10", 175 lbs. and wearing size Medium.  


-Made of 100% velveteen cotton woven in Japan

-Authentic Native American Concho buttons

-USA-Made Concho button details made from Indian head pennies on lapels

-Inspired by vintage pullover Navajo style shirt silhouette

-Style No. BM1



Sizing Recommendations:

Fit is slim/ tailored and True to Size 



Shoulder: 16.75"

Chest: 19.5"

Front Length: 24.25"

Sleeve Length: 24"


Shoulder: 18"

Chest: 20.5"

Front Length: 25"

Sleeve Length: 24"


Shoulder: 18.5"

Chest: 21.5"

Front Length: 25.75"

Sleeve Length: 24.75"



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Made in Japan