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Product Image 3sixteen Fatigue Overshirt Frogskin Camo

3sixteen Fatigue Overshirt Frogskin Camo

$ 220.00

Even if you're not normally a huge fan of camo, you're going to find yourself rethinking things with this new Frogskin Camo twill Fatigue Overshirt.  Just faded enough, just soft enough, and just heavy enough. You'll find yourself grabbing this one instead of a lightweight jacket, and it'll look better and better the more you wear it.


-Made of 100% cotton herringbone Frogskin printed fabric milled in Japan

-Fabric is Frogskin Camo printed on exterior and Desert Camo printed on interior

-Signature crossed back yoke detail

-Pen pocket on left chest pocket

-Authentic BDU buttons


Frogskin Camo (muted tans, greens, browns)

Sizing Recommendations:

This season's Fatigue Overshirt runs True to Size for a tailored fit.  


Coming Soon


Made in San Francisco, California